Ignition Casino's Cashback Promotion in 2021


Crypto gambling operator Ignition Casino just made its platform more exciting with a new 25% cashback bonus.

As if the $2,500 weekly freerolls and weekly boost, the $1,000 Bitcoin bonus and referral program, and other Bitcoin promotions weren't enough, they've decided to introduce a comprehensive cashback operation.

A cashback program is the casino site telling players it is looking out for them. And Ignition is looking after its loyal customers with a 25% cashback bonus.

About Cashback Bonuses

Mainstream casino bonuses come in different shapes and sizes and, though always a popular incentive, do have their flaws. No deposit bonuses, while free, are small as a rule; deposit bonuses are of greater value, but have strict wagering requirements and conditions, and free spins, while free, have severely limited maximum winnings.Cashback offers, on the other hand, are the closest to a perfect promo players will get.

They have no wagering requirements, no minimum deposits required; however, they do have one flaw: players need to lose money to get real money. But, in essence, this is no flaw at all, but a fundamental part of gambling in general. Everyone who plays will eventually lose. But not every casino site will help players weather their losses by compensating a percentage of those losses.

Ignition stands out as one of not-too-many sites with a solid 25% cashback reward for its most active players.

25% Cashback Bonus at Ignition Casino

Ignition Casino is a site that focuses on crypto gambling which, though much more rewarding, can also be quite costly. Their 25% cashback bonus promotion helps make those losses a bit more bearable. Okay, a lot more bearable!

In order to win a cashback percentage at Ignition, players must qualify for one of the five statuses. The higher the VIP status, the higher the cashback percentage on a specified sum of lost wagers.

The lowest-tier VIPs will receive 5% cashback on losses up to $200. Second-tier VIPs will get 10% cashback on losses up to $400, all the way up to 25% for losing up to $3,200. The site will determine the player's status based on their gaming activity in the first 30 days of creating an account.

In order to attain a higher status, players need to actively wager during the first month after they register.

And the great part about the 25% cashback bonus at this site is there are no wagering requirements that need to be met. Some sites, for instance, require players to wager the amount of the cashback several times before they can receive the refund. Unlike other types of bonuses, here no bonus code is required and, for now, the promotion has no expiration date. And the best part probably is that players will be automatically enrolled in the program once they make their initial deposit and start playing.

Basically, all players need to do is have fun and get rewarded when they lose money.


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Ignition Casino's 2022 25% cashback program is the latest promotion for its most loyal players. Check out this review to get an inside look into Ignition's promo